the ultimate butt pose

Video Tutorial – The Ultimate Butt Pose

 Miniature Studio Series Lighting the ultimate butt pose

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Client Registration Template

Client Registration Template By: Boudoir Photographers Unite *Name: _______________________ *Age: _______________________ *Hair color: _______________________ *Eye color: _______________________ (If you shoot more than one client per session for example a girl friends shoot or a full day pin party we recommend including all of the above in your registration. I can tell you how many times … Read more


Boudoir Tutorials on YouTube

We’ve moved our YouTube channel. You can now find all our boudoir tutorials on our new YouTube channel: Boudoir Photographers Unite. Be sure to subscribe Bo is cutting together a new one as I type. -Scarlett Here’s the link:

BPU magic hour

Mini Gallery: Boudoir at Magic Hour

Boudoir at Magic Hour Photos by Scarlett V. Damen & Burkhardt L. Laschinsky

SDP Model Ann at the lake 02.07 (10)

Mini Gallery: Lake Boudoir

Gallery Lake Boudoir All photos by Scarlett V. Damen and Burkhardt L. Laschinsky (Bo)

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Easily over looked things BPU

Easily over looked things that could improve your ‘first contact’

Building a solid business foundation is a major secret to success. With a solid business foundation your business will serve you instead of you serving your business. Question: How can I improve my first contact? First Contact: Here is a quick list of things your boudoir clients see first and we as business owners often overlook. Studio sign or … Read more

Secrets to defining your brand

Secrets to Defining your Boudoir Brand

What does it mean to know yourself and your brand? We hear statements like this often in the business world. What kind of know yourself are they talking about and how can you get to know your brand before it’s started? Are they telling us to confirm that we do like soccer and love to … Read more